Amphibious Architecture

Amphibious Architecture was a project led by David Benjamin, Soo-in Yang and Natalie Jeremijenko for the Situated Technologies exhibition “Toward the Sentient City” in the fall of 2009.

“Amphibious Architecture will submerge ubiquitous computing into the water, the 90% of the earth’s surface that remains under-explored and under-engaged. Two networks of floating interactive tubes will house a range of sensors below water that will monitor the presence of fish, water quality, and hydrodynamic forces. This data will then be displayed above water using an array of LED lights, along with wireless sensor communication and a text-messaging interface so that citizens can communicate with it from the shoreline. The project will create a dynamic and captivating layer of light above the surface of the river that makes visible the invisible; engages a new ecology of fish, people, buildings, and public space; and sparks public interest and discussion.”





Firm: the Living & X-Clinic
Role: Wrote script for light display behavior, component construction manager